Pronghorn Antelope

Chase one of the World's most Unique game species in the Colorado Desert

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Pronghorn Antelope Hunting, Colorado

Hunting Season:  1st Saturday in October, for 7 days.

Entirely unique on the planet, antilocapra Americana, or Pronghorn Antelope is a fascinating species. Despite his common name the pronghorn is not in fact an antelope; he is the last remaining member of the antilocapridae family, and is closer related to a giraffe than anything else. This makes for a fantastic hunt for a truly unique beast.

The pronghorn is a beautiful animal with distinct white patches on his rump and throat. The horns are grown of hair, and despite the permanent core of bone within, the horns are shed annually like a deer, and quickly regrown.
Marco Polo Argali
The Pronghorn antelope is built to evade predators and is the second fastest land mammal on the planet. With a top speed of 55mph, only a cheetah can outrun him; however the pronghorn can sustain high speeds for much greater distances.

His range extends throughout Western parts of North America, from Canada down to Mexico. He prefers open expansive terrain at elevations of 900 – 1800m, with little rain fall.
With a such a short rifle season it is important to make that vital shot count, and shooting ability is the key to success in hunting antelope. Due to the vast open areas that they inhabit stalking close is difficult, so shots of over 200 yards should be expected. To increase the challenge the shot will most likely need to be taken off sticks, with little refuge to get into the prone position.

However with such a short season and tight licensing he is not overhunted and as result is not as skittish as a number of other game species. Hunting season is normally in the run up to the rut, so you will be targeting big bucks holding groups of does. This makes for very exciting hunting and increases the chance of securing that dream buck. The area that we hunt in Colorado is a location known for trophy bucks
There is also an option to harvest Whitetail Deer, Mule Deer & Coyote on this hunt.

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