Welcome to the Real Big Five, the real deal in hardcore hunting for the genuine sportsman or woman concentrating on the toughest and finest trophies on the planet. Based on Victorian values we offer some of the most challenging trophy hunting available worldwide. With a combined experience of 68 years stalking in the UK it was time to up the ante and take the Cheese. The species we pursue are all unique to their micro environment and live in some of the most inhospitable yet stunning terrain on earth.We guarantee our big five hunts will test you’re endurance, skill and ability coupled with the ultimate satisfaction of being the envy of the sporting world.

Back to basics – having studied the Gun at Home and abroad circa 1900 it became apparent that many outfitters miss the point in offering a range of animals, based on achievability rather than quality.  Our focus is to provide the opportunity to chase the Real Big 5, not pay through the nose to shoot some gormless antelope standing stock still waiting to be photographed. Both the Ovis and Capra species are not only Beautiful trophies but also incredibly cautious and agile, which is why we can 100% guarantee your satisfaction, if successful.

Of all the 38 species of wild goat and 47 species of wild sheep, Caruthers, one of the greatest hunters of all time, deemed only 6 of each as worthy adversaries and companions to hang in the billiard room. Although we offer a variety of others species, this company is dedicated to the hunting fanatic who wants to collect them all.