Oryx or Gemsbok

The Dark Continent has the biggest variety of game anywhere on the planet, and we have discovered some excellent free range hunting grounds.

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Free Range Plains Game Hunting, Namibia

Hunting Season: 1st February – 30th November (Due to the weather we recommend April to early September as the best times to hunt).

There are over twenty species of antelope in Namibia ranging from largest, the Eland, to smallest, the Damara dik-dik. The Gemsbok, a striking antelope with long symmetrical horns and distinctive black and white markings is featured on the Namibian coat of arms. Namibia also harbours a wealth of small mammals. An appealing aspect of any hunt in Namibia is the opportunity to take many different species in one trip. Due to the relative ease in securing trophies in Africa, compared to the Alpine monarchs of the Northern Hemisphere, hunters visiting Namibia are able to return home with a variety of different species rather than just one.
With the same game species as South Africa but a far more appealing place to hunt with far fewer visitors, Namibia offers a far superior and less commercial hunting location for the serious sportsman or woman.
Marco Polo Argali

Our Hunting concessions in Namibia cover 70,000 acres, and we can accommodate both Bow Hunters and Rifle Hunters, with specific areas being managed to accommodate each. Hunting will be done through both spot and stalk as well as waiting from blinds. The area that we use is never over hunted, and no more than 15-20 hunting parties will visit this reserve annually. This obvious effect is that the game is not only plentiful but well managed and unlike other areas is never commercially over shot, which has a very detrimental effect to the quality of animals.

The numerous different species that can be harvested in one trip makes Africa a very appealing destination for trophy hunters. A number of species can be shot in only a couple of days making it an appealing destination for many hunters. Although we specialise in Alpine hunting for the Capra and Ovis, which in our opinion are the World’s finest beasts, we also identify the desire from our clients to hunt in the legendary dark continent.
Namibia presents good opportunities for hunters to secure a good number of different trophies of the southern savannah game species.

Oryx can be found throughout the arid deserts of Africa right up to Arabia where his cousin the Arabian Oryx lives. A beautiful trophy with an impressive set of horns and affordable to hunt, the Gemsbuck is today a much sought after African trophy. Both males and females have a similar head and confusion can often occur between the two. They generally live in small herds with one dominant male, and should pose no particular difficulty to hunt.
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