Mouflon, Czech Republic

Czech Republic not only has the highest density of Mouflon anywhere Globally, but consistently produces the best heads.

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Mouflon Hunting, Czech Republic

Hunting Season: 1st August– 31st December

Forms of mouflon can be found in isolated pockets right across Europe and the Middle East into Central Asia. They are the most anatomically diverse wild sheep, amongst them the smallest ovis representatives in the World. With 17 subspecies across his range the mouflon can be easily divided into 3 categories. Urial, with the latin name vignei, Asiatic mouflon, with the latin name gmelini  and the European Mouflon, with the latin name aries. The European Mouflon is the direct link to today’s domestic sheep. During the Neolithic period,  c.6000BC, a feral population of semi-Domesticated sheep were introduced to the Mediterranean Islands of Corsica and Sardinia, it is the descendents of these sheep, encouraged by
Marco Polo Argali
introductions on mainland Europe that make up the population of European Mouflon that can be hunted today. The first introductions were made to mainland Europe in 1566 mainly for private collections or hunting reserves, with the first significant introductions occurring in, what is now, the Czech Republic in 1858; it is hardly surprising therefore, that today the biggest mouflon are found in Czech Republic.
Due to the various stages of introduction on the continent and a lot of manipulative breeding that was done before release there are a number of varying horn shapes that the mouflon can grow across his range.

With one of the earliest introduced wild populations of Mouflon, the Czech republic is the country to secure your all time dream mouflon trophy. Originally only held in fenced areas mouflon are now widespread in lowland areas with deciduous forests and agricultural lands. The total population of is estimated at 16,000 individuals, meaning the CZ Republic  is host to the densest mouflon population in Europe. Roughly 6300 animals are harvested annually, making it by far the biggest producer of mouflon per ha than anywhere else in Europe. The result is that the potential to harvest some really big wild trophies is highly possible.
There is also an option to harvest Wild Boar on this hunt.

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