Wild Boar, Czech Republic

With so many offers out there for Driven Boar in Europe it can be hard to decide the right package might be. With our experience and knowledge of International Hunting we have located some of the best destinations in Czech Republic for Successful Driven Boar hunts.

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Wild Boar Hunting, Czech Republic

Hunting Season: No Close Season (we hunt in the autumn through winter months)

A Driven Boar shoot in Europe is one the major sporting events for any Sportsman. Czech republic is fast becoming one of the finest destinations for Driven Boar, with high densities in the right areas. With previously more popular locations becoming shot out, and successful hunting now only being possible behind fences, many sportsman are looking elsewhere. We have identified the Czech republic as being an excellent locvation for boar shooting, both driven and from high seats. Less commercial than Croatia, Romania and Hungary, Czech offers hunters a more authentic hunt with local hunters experiencing the culture as it is, often at better prices.

The minimum legal calibre for shooting wild boar is a .243 with a 85 grain or more expanding projectile, however much heavier calibres are recommended as the.243 really is not up to the job of dealing with a tonne of Wild Boar charging at you!
Marco Polo Argali
Wild Boar are incredibly strong and solidly built, with sharp tusks and a willingness to defend themselves vigourously. boar are known to charge the hunter after a missed shot or non lethal wound; because of this some of the earliest bayonets were actually used by boar hunters rather than the military forces. this makes for an incredibly exciting hunting experience with adrenaline pumping through the body from the beginning to the end of each drive.
We feel that in the Czech Republic there is such a good Boar population that it is not necessary to hunt behind fences, instead hunting truly wild animals increasing your sense of achievement. However if your group is keen to hunt in a fenced area or for big trophies, then we are also able to arrange this.
In Wild areas, The Winter months are the best time to hunt boar, as the food becomes scarce he will travel great distances in search of better feeding. Our grounds are well managed meaning that the boar will retain his territory. the Rut is an excellent time to shoot boar, there will be more opportunities to take large trophies and is the best time to see Boar in large herds. During the rut males are their prime shagging weight and seeing ferocious fights is not uncommon, and as a general rule of thumb the trophies harvested can be larger.

Generally for trophy hunters, you are best hunting out of high seats under the moon. Stalking boar is a very challenging task, with incredible hearing and that they choose to reside in heavily woodeed areas makes it very challenging to get a good advantage over them. therefore the most successful measures are to shoot them from a high seat or in a boar drive.
Hunting from high seats is a peaceful way to spend the day and requires very little fitness, giving the hunter some very unique insights into the behaviour of the fauna surrounding him. Prior to your hunt our guides will have done some reconnaissance and have a good idea of where some big Boars will be frequenting. As the best time of year to harvest a god boar is in the winter when the Boar are travelling, However success can also be had during the summer months when the Boar will be feeding on farmers crops. During winter months hunters must be prepared for extreme cold conditions, and a good scope for shooting in half light is recommended. This can be done either before or after s driven hunt, and allows hunters access into areas that would not be suitable for a driven shoot
A driven boar shoot in Europe is one of the major sporting events for any hunter. It is the most exciting and adrenaline fuelled hunting for boar anywhere in the world. The Europeans are well practised at this method with a group of 20 or so well trained beaters and dogs a large area is flushed to drive boar towards guns. Hunters will normally be strategically placed in high seats or blinds alongside their professional guides who will help throughout the hunt to help select shootable beasts and ensure safety at all times. Driven Boar can be arranged in all terrain types but is generally most successful in wooded areas. We would expect each gun to be shooting between 1 or 2 boar per day. no particular fitness is required but there may be certain drives where there is no vehicular access. We reccomend experienced hunters are best suited to this type of shooting due to the obvious threat to safety with any type of driven hunting. the shot will be taken at running targets so a good level of shooting ability is also required.
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