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Mule Deer, Colorado

Hunting Season:  October 29th – November 8th  (Archery/Muzzleloader season is longer)

The biggest and most desired  of the 5 American deer species needs no introduction, the Mule deer. Aptly named because its ears resemble that of a mule, he is indigenous to the Western States. The Mule deer (Odocoileus hemionus) is the largest of the Odocoileus family of deer that inhabit the America’s. He has a number of subspecies including the slightly smaller Black tail deer, which we arrange in California, to the much smaller Sitka Black tail that we arrange on Kodiak island. The white tail deer however, although related is not a subspecies and their antler formation is different: Mule Deer Buck’s antlers fork forming two brows whereas Whitetails have tines coming off a single main beam

Marco Polo Argali

They cast their antlers in Mid February. Also unlike Whitetail there is less of a size disparity across their range, although habitat and food source most certainly does make a difference. We hunt the cattle pastures of Central Colorado, “cowboy country” where the feed is good throwing some top quality heads. 

Although there is an introduced population in Argentina that can be hunted; the obvious destination of choice should be North America’s Mid West states or Mexico. With 100% draw odds and average trophy size of 170”+ We feel there is no better location than Colorado to hunt your Mule Deer.

Less common than Whitetail Mule deer is a worthy adversary, and often as you get yourself into the shot position you will see him pronking off towards the horizon; Mule deer seldom run, instead bouncing to disillusion their predators. Like many deer species, they are most active in the morning and evenings, so prime hunting times will be at first and last light. With both deer species the most successful hunting method is to locate your target animal in the morning simply watching his movements. If a stalk is not possible, you wait for him to bed, before getting yourself into position and waiting for him to move again. The ground cover is very thick in some of the locations that you will be hunting, and it is amazing how these beautiful animals can just disappear.  They are a truly challenging adversary.

There is also an option to harvest Whitetail deer, Pronghorn Antelope & Coyote

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