Dagestan Tur or Eastern Tur

A hunt for Tur in the Caucasus is probably the most difficult yet exhilerating hunt on the planet, only for the hardest of hunters.

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Dagestan Tur Hunting, Azerbaijan

Hunting Season:  1st April till 30th November

With many classifying tur as both an Ovis and a Capra he is a trophy like no other. Classified by some as a sheep because of his curling horns, similar to the Bharal and Aoudad, he is in fact a capra, and one of the finest capra at that.

Like all mountain goats he chooses the most perilous terrain to reside, and the infamous Caucasus mountains are a stunning yet treachourous backdrop to pursue this beast. Some relief is given however, in that the climate is mild in comparison to other mountain ranges that some species of caprinae habit.

Marco Polo Argali
Hunters can expect temperatures from:April to June & September to November: 0 to +5 (in the mountains) +15oC (at Base camp)
June to August : +15 (in the mountains) +28oC (at Base camp)
The Tur is classified by many as both a Capra and an Ovis, and can be classified as either if looking for the modern day Grandslam. He presents the challenges in hunting of any the Real Big 5 goats, yet hosting horns that will rival a Real Big 5 sheep. Despite the debate over his classification, Tur is, of course, a Capra. It hosts a beard throughout the winter months, and has the agility and wariness of all goats, choosing to reside in the steep rocky faces of the caucasus range.
The Dagestan Tur is certainly different to his Western rival and Azerbaijan is the our recommended location for securing one. There are also options in South Ossetia in Russia, Azerbaijan can offer some of the world's biggest Turs, in the finest scenery.

By now you will have read our Real Big 5 Capra tab, and will know that the Dagestan Tur will rarely venture below 2000 metres. Our Base camp is situated at 1634 metres with the best trophies being taken between 2500 and 3000 metres. Like all goats the Dagestan Tur inhabits the steepest and most inhospitable mountain ridges, although we will set out from base camp on horses, the majority of the hunt is always done on foot, requiring a good physical fitness.
We hunt the Ismailli area of Azerbaijan, with accomodation being in our comfortable hunting house and tents. We can accommodate up to 6 hunters, with additional room for non-hunters. We recommend groups of at least 3 hunters, in order to make significant savings, that being said we can certainly accommodate single hunters.

There is also an option to harvest Caucasian Chamois, one of the hardest rupicapra

To test your skill and ability against Dagestan Tur, contact Real Big 5 on
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