Mid Asian Ibex, Tajikistan

With less hunting pressure than other countries in the region, Tajikistan is fast becoming a popular destination for Mid Asian Ibex

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Mid Asian Ibex Hunting, Tajikistan

Hunting Season: 15th August – 15th December, 15th January - 15th March    (We recommend October and November as the best times to hunt)* 

Hours from civilisation, where the capra and ovis are most abundant, our private hunting grounds are some of the best in the country offering the highest opportunity to achieve a successful hunt.

With the rise in popularityof Kyrgyzstan as a hunting destination over the last decade many areas have become over hunted, and the chances of securing a big billy getting slimmer. That, coupled with the rcent anti hunting lobby on the government, the cost of permits in Kyrgyzstan has increased significantly. The result of this is that more hunters are travelling to tajikistan to get their Ibex.
Marco Polo Argali
Marco Polo Argali
One of the major trophies of the Real Big 5 Capra, The Mid Asian Ibex is the largest of all 14 sub species of Ibex, and none are larger than the specimens found in the Tian Shan Mountains. With average horn length of 110 – 115cm, Although historically the Biggest Ibex came from the Tian Shan mountains in Kyrgyzstan, equally impressive billies are now being taken in the Pamirs of Tajikistan.

The pelage of Mid Asian Ibex varies greatly throughout his range, with no obvious reason as to why. Some animals display prominent white saddles and dorsal patches, whilst others appear dark or even tan all over. Despite an increase in hunting, we feel that there is not enough being put back into conservation of ibex in Tajikistan, and although a natural protectionism has occurred through the guides and locals to whom hunters are invaluable, poaching does still occur.
In Tajikistan we hunt the Mid-Asian Ibex in the Tavildara Mountain region. The mountains in this region are comparatively low compared to neighbouring Kyrgyzstan, not exceeding 2000 – 2500 metres. Do not be fooled however, this is by no means an easy option, the slopes are equally as steep and tough to tackle and unlike in Kyrgyzstan the use of horses is seldom possible.

Once spooked this capra heads straight to the highest and most inaccessible rock on the mountain, where he will often sit, watching you from a distance, safe in the knowledge that even if you were to shoot him, extraction would be impossible.

This is a high intensity hunt, and fitness is required, you do not need to be an athlete, but you will enjoy your experience an awful lot more if you are in shape for it.
Marco Polo Argali
Additional Trophies: Mid Asian Ibex, Wolf.
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