Wild Boar, Tajikistan

For those willing to travel a little further afield, Tajikistan is an excellent option for Trophy Wild Boar hunting.

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Wild Boar Hunting, Tajikistan

Hunting Season: :  June to August.

The Central Asian Wild Boar (sus scrofa nigripes) found in Tajikistan, differs slightly to that of the European Boar (sus scrofa meridionalis), and is therefore an interesting addition for any keen pig hunter.

We hunt Boar in Tajikistan in the rare lowland areas, only a couple of hours drive from Dushanbe. The high Muslim population in this area, means that the Wild Boar are very seldom hunted by locals. They can therefore be found in abundance, and due to the significant lack of local hunting, large trophy boars are often taken.
For those looking for a trophy Boar with the willing ness to travel the extra mile, Tajikistan is an excellent option.
Marco Polo Argali
Wild boar are strong, solidly built animals with sharp tusks and a willingness to defend themselves vigorously. Boar are known to charge the hunter after a missed shot or a wound that is not immediately lethal; because of this, some of the earliest bayonets were actually used by boar hunters rather than military forces.
Boar are most commonly found in wooded areas where the food is most plentiful, and in the correct areas it is not uncommon to find large concentrations of the animals however, due to the lack of local hunting, drives are seldom used as a hunting method, with locals understanding little about it. More commonly used strategies include stalking them at dusk and under the moonlight or waiting up high seats. Hunting is also conducted at night with spotlights during the summer nights, under fruit trees. Large Boars will forage through the summer months at night, the time of a full moon is most recommended for this hunt.

Accommodation is in local guides houses, and although comfortable does not come with the services

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