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With so many offers out there for Driven Boar in Europe it can be hard to decide the right package might be. With our experience and knowledge of International Hunting we have located some of the best destinations in Romania for Successful Driven Boar hunts.

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Wild Boar Hunting, Romania

Hunting Season: :  1st August – 15th February (we recommend 15th November – 1st February as the best time to hunt the Eurasian Wild Boar)

There are opportunities to hunt boar all over Europe, as one of the continent’s premier hunting destinations we recommend Romania as being amongst the best countries in Europe for a Driven Boar Hunt. Not only are the Boar plentiful with good opportunities to shoot other game, but the prices to hunt in Romania are reasonable in comparison with other locations.

The Wild Boar is a stout and sporting beast that is extremely adaptable to any environment. He can be found all over Romania from the Carpathian’s high forests to the Danube’s delta. Despite being the most popular big game target in Romania, they can be found in healthy numbers all over the country. The Eurasian boar that can be found on our hunting grounds have a good genetic makeup and is the same beast to those that been hunted in Europe for thousands of years.
Marco Polo Argali
Boar are most commonly found in wooded areas where the food is most plentiful, and in the correct areas it is not uncommon to find large concentrations of the animals providing sensational opportunities for drives. Other successful methods include stalking them at dusk and waiting up high seats. The normal size for a boar shot on our hunting grounds will be in excess of 150KG with a 20cm tusk, but it is not unknown to harvest beasts above 300kg with tusks in excess of 28cm.
Wild boar are strong, solidly built animals with sharp tusks and a willingness to defend themselves vigorously. Boar are known to charge the hunter after a missed shot or a wound that is not immediately lethal; because of this, some of the earliest bayonets were actually used by boar hunters rather than military forces.
The winter months are the best time to hunt Wild Boar, as the food becomes scarce he we can travel great distances in search of better feeding. Our grounds are well managed and the result being that the Boar retains his territory. The Rut is an excellent time to shoot Boar, there will be good opportunities to take large trophies and the only time to see the boar in herds. During the rut, the males are at their prime shagging weight and seeing them fight is not an uncommon sight and the trophies harvested will be larger.
Stalking Boar can be a challenging task, with incredible hearing and that they choose to reside in heavily wooded areas makes it very challenging to get a good advantage on them. Therefore the most successful methods are waiting in a high seat or taking them on a driven shoot. A Driven Boar Shoot in Europe is one of the major sporting events for any hunter.

An effective method of hunting is from a high seat. It is a peaceful way to spend the day and requires very little fitness, giving the hunter some very unique insights into the behaviour of the fauna surrounding him. Prior to your hunt our guides will have done some reconnaissance and have a good idea of where some big Boars will be frequenting. As the best time of year to harvest a god boar is in the winter when the Boar are travelling, However success can also be had during the summer months when the Boar will be feeding on farmers crops. During winter months hunters must be prepared for extreme cold conditions, and a good scope for shooting in half light is recommended. This can be done either before or after s driven hunt, and allows hunters access into areas that would not be suitable for a driven shoot. If shooting in the autumn it is possible to combine this hunt with either Red Stag, Bear & Wolf.
A Driven Boar Shoot in Europe is one of the major sporting events for any hunter. It is the most exciting and adrenaline fuelled hunting for Boar anywhere in the world. The Europeans are well practised at this method. With a team of 20 or more well trained beaters and dogs, a large area is flushed to drive the game towards the hunters.
Hunters will usually be strategically placed in high seats alongside their professional guides who will help throughout the hunt to select shootable beasts and ensure safety at all times. On occasion hunters will be standing.  Driven Boar can be arranged in all terrain types, from mountain forest to the Carpathian’s hilly foothills. We would expect you to see anywhere between 50-100 Boar per day over 3-5 drives. No particular fitness is required, but there could be occasions where there is no vehicular access to certain drives. We recommend experienced hunters are best suited to this type of hunting for the obvious potential threat to safety in any driven type of shooting. The shots presented will be at running targets so a good level of shooting ability is also recommended.
The minimum safe calibre for shooting wild boar is generally considered to be a .243 with 85 grain or heavier expanding projectiles, with larger calibres being recommended. The excitement experienced by the hunter as boars are driven toward them is second to none. Full of action with the opportunity to take some fantastic trophies a Driven boar hunt is a must for any serious sportsman or woman. There are also great opportunities to take other animals such as bear, Wolf & red deer

The National Record for Boar tusks in Romania is 144 CIC points, although this is a record set to be broken, annually trophies are taken on our grounds that measure over 135 CIC points
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