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Brown Bear Hunting, Romania

Hunting Season: 15th March – 15th May (High seats)
                                20th September  - 31st November (High Seats & Driven)
(We reccoemend between 15th March – 15th April & 20th September – 31st November as the best times to hunt Brown bear).

Hunters can expect a climate that is temperate and continental, with four distinct seasons. The average temperature is 16 - 45 °C in the summer, and up to -15 in the mountains in the winter.
The Brown Bear is the biggest mammal in Europe, and Romania houses the densest population of bear on the continent. Outside of Russia, 50% of Europe’s Brown Bear population, live in the Carpathian Mountains and its foothills. This makes Romania the best destination for bear hunting in Central Europe.
Marco Polo Argali
 200-300 Government permits are issued annually to cull the population of the older males.
The biggest brown Bear shot in Romania was in 1985 measuring a staggering 687.79 CIC points. The only larger bear ever shot was one in Russia who came in at 693 CIC points.
There are three methods commonly practised for Brown Bear Hunting in Romania, a Spot and Stalk method approaching the bear on foot, sitting up in a high seat waiting for a bear to cross your path and the extremely exciting driven hunt.
High Seats
The safest method of hunting is from a high seat. It is a peaceful way to spend the day and requires very little fitness, giving the hunter some very unique insights into the behaviour of the Brown Bear. Prior to your hunt our guides will have done some reconnaiance and have a good idea of where a bear to your chosen selection will be moving.

Stalking on foot can also be done in a similar fashion, with our guides knowing where the bears have been moving. This is a more active approach offering some stunning scenery and views, but does not require the fitness of an Alpine mountain hunt. These methods are most successful in early spring, when bears are most active foraging after the winter, or late autumn when they will be concentrated in the hills where the food is more abundant. It is by far the most challenging method of obtaining a bear, and success rates are much lower.

The most exciting type of hunt for Brown Bear is a driven hunt, and Romania is the best country to arrange this hunting spectacle. With a team of 20 or more beaters and dogs, a large area is flushed in order to drive the game towards the guns. Hunters will be strategically placed in high seats alongside their professional guides, who will help throughout the drive to select shootable beasts and ensure safety at all times. Shots will be taken at moving targets and at bears being bayed by dogs. Young bears and Cubs shall be protected and advice as to the quality of a bear shall be discussed with the hunter during the hunt. On a driven bear hunt you can expect to see anywhere between 5-20 bears daily. Despite the hunts being conducted in the mountains between 700 – 1400 m no real fitness is required as the shots are taken from a stationary position in a high seat. Many other species can also be shot during this hunt and it provides a great opportunity for a varied bag. Other species include Wild Boar, Wolf, Deer & Wild Cats. There is also the option to spend the evening in high seats for the opportunity to shoot further trophies

There is also an option to harvest Wild Boar, Roe deer, Carpathian Chamois, Fallow deer & Carpathian Stag.

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