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A hunt in New Zealand for Tahr & Chamois is the perfect place for the sportsman to start his or her mountain journey.

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Tahr & Chamois Hunting, New Zealand

Hunting Season: No Close Season, (we reccommend June - August as the best time to hunt.

New Zealand has no indigenous mammals, they were all imported at various stages of human invasion and can all be legally hunted throughout the year. Much of the country has suffered from over hunting and we have found that in most public areas game often tends to be scarce and of a small size. We recommend therefore, taking a helicopter into the most inaccessible regions of the southern Alps, at altitudes of 1500 – 2500 metres, where a base camp can be set up and strong populations of mature Himalayan Tahr and Chamois live in healthy numbers. Obviously these mountain ranges are closely guarded secrets and a lot of research has been undertaken into finding territory where the hunter has the best chance of securing a good trophy of both species
Marco Polo Argali
A present from the Duke of Bedford, the Tahr has spread further throughout the South Island than the Chamois and is considered a pest in many conservation Areas. There is no better trophy than a Bull Tahr in his full winter cape and he will not look out of place nestled amongst the finest Sheep and Deer on your wall. As discussed in the Real Big Five Goat section, Himalayan Tahr will provide a hunting challenge. Our experienced team of stalkers however, will give you the best chance of success.
Due to the isolation of our hunting grounds, accommodation is basic, in a simple tent. If stalking up on foot from ground level you will be in a hunting hut. This is not a hunt for comfort seekers. We concentrate on price, quality and the success rate, and as a result have many satisfied hunters returning from New Zealand. Very affordable, and with no trophy fees, New Zealand is a great place for the less experienced stalker to come. That being said both Tahr and Chamois present a huge challenge to keep even the most experienced sportsman or woman on their toes.
We recommend going for both the Tahr and the Chamois on the same hunt. New Zealand is the perfect place to get off the ground with 2 of the Big 5 Capra at a very affordable price. The hunting ground that we use in New Zealand is so isolated and rich with both species, that it is a very realistic proposition that you will shoot both a Tahr and Chamois. With no Trophy fee's, you may as well have a crack!
The New Zealand Chamois was a present from the Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph in 1907 and from 2 pairs released on Mount Cook, they have spread to much of South Island. The New Zealand Chamois is 20% smaller than its European cousin presumably due to a poorer food supply and harsher climate. They can be difficult to Hunt, however when approached from above, especially in the early morning or evening, they can be taken unaware. Do not be fooled however, these animals have incredible eyesight and a high level of intelligence and are often harder to approach than Tahr. One of the benefits of shooting in New Zealand is that there is no close season. However the Winter months of May until September will see these lovely little Goats in their full glory, the best of time of hunting being the rut which happens throughout June.Despite GSCO classifieng New Zealand chamois as seperate subsoppecies, being a present from Aurstria, they are of course in fact, a direct descendent of the Alpine Chamois.
The best method of hunting both Tahr and Chamois is to get above them. The hunt is conducted on foot using a method of spot and stalk. Due to the country that these goats reside, a good level of fitness is required for this hunt.
Additional Trophies that can be combined with this trip include, Red Stag, Fallow Buck, Feral goats & pigs.
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