Marco polo or Pamir Argali

One of the most coveted game species on the planet, a hunt for Argali will leave the sportsmen with ever lasting memories!

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Marco Polo or Pamir Argali, Tajikistan

Hunting Season: 15th August – 15th December, 15th January - 15th March

The ultimate trophy of all the Ovid's, the Marco Polo Argali, is the worlds largest sheep, and can be found in large numbers in Tajikistan. There is no where in the World better than Tajikistan to secure a really large Marco Polo trophy. The average horn length shot on our hunting grounds is 148cm (55”) – 147cm (58”), but larger trophies are be taken.
If you have read our Real Big 5 Ovis tab, you will know that the Marco Polo will not venture below 3000 meters, and have a stamina, speed and wariness beyond most game. Our base camps are at 4200 meters, meaning that you are sleeping in the middle of Marco Polo territory, with the opportunity of hunting the sheep anywhere up to 5000 meters on horse back and foot.

Marco Polo Argali
Although 'Marco Polo' encompasses numerous subspecies of argali found throughout Central Asia , it is the Argali from the Pamirs that is in fact the true Marco Polo. Also know as the pamir argali, he has the longest ever recorded horns of any of the subspecies. Although he doesn't have the girth and overall horn mass of the Altai Argali, he is in our opinion the finest sheep on the planet.
We hunt Marco polo in Tajikistan, although he comes with a higher price tag to the Hume or Tian Shan Argali in neighbouring Kyrgyzstan, his spiralling horns will normally always cvome out longer than his Kyrgyz cousins. With varying shades of red to white, and often large herds being located, The pamir Argali is hard to beat in terms of beauty.

One of the major differences of a hunt in Tajikistan over Kyrgyzstan is the lack of the use of horses. Although sometimes used, the majority of hunting will be done on foot.
For those wishing to combine Mid Asian Ibex, it is normally a necessity to change areas, for this distance walk horses will normally provided.

 Additional Trophie of Mid Asian Ibex & Wolf can also be harvested.
For information on hunting any of the World's Argali, please get in touch
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