Hunting Season: 15 October – 15 December & 15 February – 15 March

An important member of the Real Big 5 Ovid the Afghan Urial, is perfectly achievable in Tajikistan. As with all of the Urial sheep, the Afghan has a very impressive boss, with good thick set curling horns. The average horn length of the Urial we shoot in our hunting area will range from 55 – 60cm.

We hunt the Urial in the Dashti Jum area of Tajikistan, only 190km from Dushanbe. Despite the inhospitable terrain the the Afghan Urial chooses to reside, with jagged rocks often covered in snow; it is at a surprisingly low altitude hunt for a sheep, reaching only between 800 – 1200 metres. Do not be fooled however like all sheep the Urial not only hosts a cracking set of horns, but also a stamina and speed to match. It's wariness is equivalent to any of the Real Big 5 Ovid.

Accommodation is in our own simple hunting house or tents. All houses or tents are equipped with basic comfort and a power generator. We can accommodate between 2 to 4 hunters, with extra room for non – hunters. We do not normally recommend more than 4 hunters on one of our hunting grounds, for risk of not all sportsmen being able to achieve their trophies.