Hunting Season: October – February/March (we recommend hunting from November to January)

The Barbary or Aoudad sheep is an important member of the Big 5 Ovid's, and is the sheep bonusball, a cross of both a capra and an ovis. Native to North Africa, the Aoudad was re-introduced to Spain in the 1970's to the Sierra Espuna. Although he can now be found throughout the Southern Provinces, we have access to the marvellous private hunting grounds of the Sierra Espuna and there is obviously nowhere better in the country to secure a trophy Aoudad.

The altitude in this province is nothing for the experienced sportsman to concern himself with, and the warm and dry climate make this a very pleasurable hunt all season.

Due to our access to the Sierra Espuna, we anticipate very high success in this hunt. However there are very few Gold Standard Barbary sheep in Spain with only 14 being shot in the last 40 years, 11 of which were shot in our area.