Hunting Season: November 15th – January 15th

Temperature: -5C to -20C

The Kirov region is home to some of the biggest Lynx in the world, with animals over 1 metre having been shot. The icy conditions ensure the pelt is in prime condition, guaranteeing a worthwhile trophy. European Lynx are generally nocturnal spending the day lying up, much of the diet is made up of small rodents and hares, however Wild Boar, Chamois and Roe Deer form part of the diet especially in winter. The Hunt will be on foot, ski and snowmobile usually with the use of dogs, an adult Lynx is normally too wary to stalk and is generally bayed and then shot. Although 8 days seems a long time for what might seem an easy hunt, Lynx have a territory 12 miles across and will move from one end to the other in a single night.

We can only accommodate 1 hunter in each area, with extra room for 1 non – hunter.