Hunting Season: 15th September – 15th December.

(Ovis Nivicola) Also known as the Siberian Sheep, probably a subspecies of the Dall Sheep and again divided into six further sub species, all very similar, will count towards the Big Five. By 1921 Russian game was thin on the ground, having endured years of lawlessness and starving peasantry armed with modern weapons brought back from the First war and civil war. The sheep being of a wary nature fared better than most game but with the advent of communism and a virtual ban on hunting the populations flourished. Captain Barkley somehow attained permission in the 1930s to Hunt the fringes of Stalin’s empire and apparently shot quite a few snow sheep before moving onto Pakistan where he met him death hunting the Markhor. Nowadays the Snow Sheep is back on the menu and a very handsome Ovis in stunning scenery beckons to those with the minerals to have a crack.

To secure a trophy Sheep we offer a 15 day package, with a 10 day hunt. – Fishing is free and can be done after the hunt. We also offer Separate Fishing Tours

Additional trophies that can be taken include:

Kamchatka Brown Bear

Kamchatka Peninsular Moose

Additional Snow Sheep