Hunting Season: January 01 to March 01 and August 15 to November 20 (We recommend October and November as the best times to hunt)*

One of the major trophies of the Real Big 5 Capra, The Mid Asian Ibex is the largest of all 14 subspecies of Ibex, and none are larger than the specimens found in Kyrgyzstan. With average horn length of 110 – 115cm, with trophies of up to 130cm being taken annually Kyrgyzstan is the obvious destination for the Ibex shot. The SCI World record Ibex was shot in Kyrgyzstan in 1998, with horns reaching 152cm.

Similarly to the Marco Polo an Ibex hunt takes place at extreme altitude. This goat will only ever venture to altitudes as low as 3000 meters in the extreme conditions of a Himalayan Winter; preferring to cling to the mountain tops 4500metres above sea level. Our base camps are situated at around 3200metres allowing the keenest and strongest hunters to climb the peaks to bring down one of the toughest goats on the planet.

Whereas Sheep rely on their speed and stamina to outrun the hunter, the Ibex relies on it's extreme climbing ability, Once spooked this capra heads straight to the highest and most inaccessible rock on the mountain, where he will often sit, watching you from a distance, safe in the knowledge that even if you were to shoot him, extraction would be impossible.

Depending on the area being hunted, either Issyk-Kul or Naryn, accommodation is in either our own private hunting hut or a heated yurt.

We can accommodate up to 4 hunters in each area, with extra room for non – hunters. We do not normally recommend more than 4 hunters on one of our hunting grounds, for risk of not all sportsmen being able to achieve their trophies.

Additional Trophies:

Mid Asian ibex

Siberian Roe Buck