Hunting Season: January 01 – March 01 and August 15 – November 20.* (We recommend October and November as the best times to hunt)

The ultimate trophy of all the Ovis, the Marco Polo Argali, is the worlds largest sheep, and can be found in abundance in Kyrgyzstan. The average horn length shot on our hunting grounds is 125cm, however trophies of up to 150cm are often taken. The largest shot in the last decade was by a Ukrainian in 2001 which reached 171cm.

If you have read our Real Big 5 Ovis tab, you will know that the Marco Polo will not venture below 3000 meters, and have a stamina, speed and wariness beyond most game. Our base camps are at 3200 meters meaning that you are sleeping at the foot of Marco Polo territory, with the opportunity of hunting the sheep anywhere up to 4500 meters on horse back.

Although extremely tough climbing and conditions the Marco Polo is quite achievable with the hunter often being able to take horses to within a good stalking distance of beasts.

Depending on the area being hunted, either Issyk-Kul or Naryn, accommodation is in either our own private hunting hut or a heated yurt.

We can accommodate up to 4 hunters in each area, with extra room for non – hunters. We do not normally recommend more than 4 hunters on one of our hunting grounds, for risk of not all sportsmen being able to achieve their trophies.