Day 1: Arrival in Anchorage. Transfer to Deadhorse. Meet at Deadhorse airport. Arrange all paperwork tags etc. please ensure tags are purchased before arriving at deadhorse, there is no ADFG office here. Transfer to the boat launch, air boat ride to the camp site. Accommodation is in Arctic oven tents and camp beds. the outfitter si well equipped and accommodation is comfortable.

Day 2 - 6: Hunting. Days will be spent in the Airboats going up the rivers, stopping to glass for caribou. Once a suitable animal has been spotted, the final approach will be made on foot, in a bid to intercept the caribou in their migration. There could be opportunities to see thousands of caribou at a time should you catch the migration right.

Day 7: Packing up camp, transfer back to boat launch and then to Deadhorse airport.