For Any Bear Hunt in Romania we recommend a 5 day trip with 3 days of hunting, we can arrange shorter or longer trips if required.

Day 1: Arrival at Bucharest Airport. You will be met at the airport and transferred to the Carpathian Mountains 250-350 km from the capital. We have many hunting grounds to choose from and a ground suitable to your hunt will be selected prior to your arrival.

Day 2-4. Hunting Days. On a Bear Hunt Fitness is not as necessary as on a Chamois hunt for example. However should the hunter decide to be hunting by way of Stalking then at least some level of fitness is advised. Both driven shooting, and shooting out of a high seat do not require any fitness level.

Every Driven Hunting day will offer the sportsman between 3 – 6 drives, depending on the areas being hunted. The drive will consist of 20+ beaters and dogs pushing the game towards the guns. Each gun will be situated in a high seat with a professional guide, who will inform you of which beasts to shoot. Lunch will be provided by way of a BBQ in the field.

For those hunters that desire, the option will always be there to sit in a High Seat in the late afternoon to shoot additional trophies.

Day 5: Transfer back to Airport.


Additional Trophies available to the hunter during either a Driven or Stalking tour package include:

Wild Boar

Wild Cat


Deer (Stalking & High Seats Only)

Chamois (Stalking Only)