To secure a Trophy Chinese Water Deer we recommend a 2/3 day hunt, for those wishing to spend more days, further trophies of Roe and Muntjac can be taken. Please enquire for us to arrange your perfect combined hunting trip in the UK.

Method of hunting normally done by spot and stalk. On occasion shots may be taken from a high seat or blind.

Day 1:Morning pick-up to Search for suitable beasts from the vehicle. Reconnaisance will have been undertaken in the weeks running up to your hunt to determine where the largest bucks are either feeding or holding territories, depending on the time of year. Once a beast has been spotted we will make our approach on foot until we are in a suitable firing position. Shots will be normally be taken under 150 metres.

Day 2/3: Same hunting methods as Day 1.

We can also accommodate day-trippers if required.

Additional Costs:

• Rifle/Ammunition export/import permits to UK*

• International Airfares

• Evening Meals and Alcoholic drinks

• Items of a Personal nature

• Tips for personnel

*Rifles and ammo may be rented at £50/day

Cost of Hunting Tour Includes:

• Transfer to / from Stanstead Airport

• 1 Muntjac Trophy, to selected standard

• Transfer to/from the hunting ground,

• Transfer in the hunting area

• All accommodation and lodging,

• All services of personal guides,

• Breakfast and Lunch on days of hunting

• Trophy Preparation