A hunt in Alaska is an experience that lives beyond expectations, and a trip that every sportsman must try at least once, on some level. With an estimated 39,000 – 65,500 Mountain Goats in North America, with roughly 33,000 living in Alaska it is the obvious location to secure oreamnos americanus. To be able to conduct that hunt on Kodiak island, a location World famous for it’s quantity and quality of wildlife, makes this hunt, in our opinion, one of the best in Alaska.
Goats were introduced to Kodiak island in the 50’s, and since then their numbers have exploded to in excess of 2,500 animals. The result being that they are having an impact on the local flora and a necessary cull has been introduced by ADFG. The bottom line for hunters is that with 160 permits and licenses being granted, they are easier to obtain. With high draw odds, not guaranteed, and a stunning location we feel that Kodiak island is one of the best locations to get your Rocky Mountain Goat. The local outfitter that we use on Kodiak Island has been in operation since the 80’s and we feel there is no one more experienced or better suited to help you harvest your dream trophy. With average horn length of goats being harvested in our draw units measuring at 9”, if you are willing to put in the work then there is no reason that you should not return with the experience and animal of a lifetime. We cannot recommend this hunt any highly enough.
Oreamnos americanus is most closely related to the chamois in Europe and the Goral and serow in Asia. He is a unique animal that is one of the most sought after trophies for any true mountain hunter. Although his horns do not rival that of the Ibex, a billy in winter coat is one of the most beautiful sights on the mountain, and seeing the wind rush through his wooly coat will get the sportsman’s adrenaline rushing even more than Ibex’s sweeping nobbed horns.  Due to a large part of the trophy being the cape, we do not arrange hunts for Mountain goat before 1st October.