Anatolian Chamois

Revered as one of the hardest rupicapra to hunt, Anatolian Chamois is a great adventure for the expereinced shot.

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Anatolian Chamois Hunting, Turkey

Hunting Season: October 1st – March 31st

Although a small animal, the chamois is one of the most important beasts to chase in Europe. Its agility and natural intelligence, and the high and difficult mountains in which it lives render it one of the finest quarries of the true hunter. Chamois can be found in most of the high ranges in Central and Southern Europe, their range extending from the Pyrenees to the Caucasus and from the Southern Carpathians to Albania.

The colour of the Chamois in summer is a greyish dun, with black markings on their face, but in winter their hair grows long and becomes almost black. However many varieties occur, including Albino and Menalistic however these are now rare. Chamois are gregarious and found in small herds.
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They are very watchful for their safety and normally post a sentinel to guard against surprise. As a rule old Males prefer a solitary existence for much of the year, joining the females during the rut. The gestation period for Chamois is twenty weeks and the female normally produces one, rarely two kids.
The Anatolian Chamois is one of the smaller subspecies of chamois found in the World, and he is indeed a worthy adversary and requirement for any serious Capra shots wall. He is a dark coloured chamois, being lighter than only the Chaurtreuse. The mean horn length of the Anatolian Chamois is 22.9cm (9”), with a mean circumference at base of 8.9cm (3.2”). The agility and sureness of foot of the Chamois are proverbial, and it is one the most remarkable sights in nature to see these animals ascending a steep rock face or descending frozen ice covered in snow. The hind legs of the Chamois are much longer than the forelegs and are built on powerful springs so that they can ascend precipitous faces more easily than they can descend them. Chamois can pass up cliffs that look quite inaccessible, springing from ledge to ledge and balancing on the tiniest projection. They are said to be able to slide down a snow slope with all four legs held well forward to grip the snow, and the false hoofs which are strongly developed, act as a brake.
Although a very much achievable game species, the Anatolian Chamois does not have a huge range, and his total population across their range is estimated to be somewhere around 1200 individuals. Conservation measures in Turkey for Anatolian Chamois, although present, are not as rigid and efficient as they are for Bezoar Ibex, and measures are currently underway with the intervention and help of International hunting bodies to introduce a comprehensive Anatolian chamois management plan. Licenses are however available, meaning Anatolian Chamois is most definitely on the menu!
The best method of hunting Chamois anywhere in the world is to get above them. The hunt is conducted on foot using a method of spot and stalk.

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